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The history of Kia Motors Company starts in 1944. That was one of the first concerns of the Korean automobile industry. It took for the company about 50 years to become one of the world largest producers of motor cars. Kia Motors presents a range of its new models at present. All the models are made using the newest technologies. A new car replaced Sephia and Shuma in the model range and this new car is larger and wider then the predecessors, what is more, it boasts of larger wheel base. Comfortable seats, nice saloon, quality trim, and nice-to-touch plastic are the qualities of a European rather then Korean car.

Kia cars are rather reliable, boast of a nice range of options, and are cheap enough just like other Korean cars. There is a lot of Kia compressor models presented on the market at present.

Kia Motors designers are really great ones as they came to a bold stylistic solution: they found a balance between super-modern tendencies, aggressive style, innovations, and perfection. An elegant 4-door car with nice dynamic proportions and a European 5-door car, which is perfect for a confident person, can be added to the list of great solutions.

KIA generator Motors was among the sales leader on the European market in 2005 according to the opinion polls results. That was actually the year when Kia Motors sold 49% cars more than the previous year.

The largest sales point was reached by the end of 2005, which isn't actually amazing. That was the time when demand on certain models went up and so the company reached such a sales point. The company was as confident in its attempts to win the European market in 2006-2007 just as it was in 2005.

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